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Serial Fempreneur - Deepali Vijay Jain:

Deepali Vijay Jain, a visionary and passionate businesswoman from Dubai, is continuing the esteemed legacy of her renowned family in the gem and jewellery business. 

Her entrepreneurial journey extends into various sectors. Her business acumen, motivation, and passion for growth have led her to make significant strides in healthcare, hospitality, information technology, consultancy, and enterprise education. She holds her success and her experiences with her father, Vijay Kumar Jain, in high regard.

Her inspiration derives from his continuous support and wisdom, which give her the strength to embrace change at every step. Guided by the highest standards of reliability, transparency, and honesty, Deepali’s achievements in the hospitality and health industry are a testament to her mission of continually expanding into sectors beyond the family business. However, her latest endeavour is DiamondXE, a groundbreaking and convenient online diamond trading platform set to revolutionize the industry.

As the Founding Chairwoman of DiamondXE, Deepali is looking forward to demonstrating her visionary approach, business acumen, and ability to seize new opportunities. She is dedicated to developing the infrastructure for the jewellery and gem industry, making trading as efficient and seamless as possible. This minimizes the time taken to search, purchase, ship, and pay, benefiting retailers and businesses of all sizes and increasing their profits.

With a family background deeply rooted in the world of jewellers, gemologists, and designers, Deepali and her team bring more than 75 years of combined industry experience to DiamondXE. As the Founding Chairwoman, Deepali Vijay Jain is at the forefront of transforming the diamond industry. Her drive for innovation and creativity inspires others to reimagine possibilities and embrace the future of diamond trading. Her leadership, coupled with her deep industry knowledge, paves the way for a new era of reliability, transparency, and accessibility in the diamond market.