DVJ Group

Our History

DVJ Group’s roots are firmly grounded in tradition, trust, and transparency. With more than 75 years of combined industry experience, our journey has been shaped by continuous growth, fueled by the support and wisdom of our founder, Vijay Kumar Jain. His inspiration instills in us the courage to embrace change and push boundaries at every step.

Our Vision

DVJ Group envisions a world where reliability, transparency, and accessibility reign supreme in every industry we touch. Through our ventures, we strive to offer excellence, convenience, and unmatched value to our customers, clients, and partners.

Explore Brilliance Today

At DVJ Group, we invite you to embark on a journey that celebrates brilliance in every aspect of life. Our dedication to customer satisfaction, innovation, and transformative growth defines us as leaders in multiple industries.

Join us as we reshape the future, one venture at a time. Experience DVJ Group - Empowering Brilliance in Every Aspect.


Founded with the vision to transform industries and empower lives, DVJ Group’s history is etched with passion, perseverance, and innovation. Deepali Vijay Jain, our Founder Chairwoman, carries forward her family’s legacy in the gem and jewellery business with an unwavering commitment to tradition, trust, and transparency.

Our Milestones

Our game-changer, DiamondXE 2023, redefines the diamond industry with an innovative online trading platform, making diamonds accessible to all.
AV Globale
A gem in our crown, AV Globale 2022 set foot in the world of Gems & Jewellery, bringing brilliance to discerning customers worldwide.
A testament to creativity, Meraki 2017 brought forth an artistic fusion of design and craftsmanship, resonating with modern tastes.
ASHC Physioveda

With a focus on healthcare, ASHC Physioveda India provides compassionate care and holistic well-being to our patrons.

Tiara Gems

Sparkling with elegance, Tiara Gems 2013 became a renowned name in the jewellery industry, capturing hearts with its exquisite designs.

Jain Jewellery
Embracing the ethos of tradition and heritage, Jain Jewellery exudes timeless beauty and exquisite craftsmanship.
Kabila & Wat ā Wok

In the realm of F&B, Kabila and Wat ā Wok offer unmatched experiences, delighting guests with warm hospitality and sumptuous cuisines.

Bliss Foundation
As a symbol of humanity, Bliss Foundation extends a helping hand through healthcare, food, and medical camps, touching lives with compassion.